A new e-commerce platform. On which playing field? The trending, booming B2B market!


OROCommerce arrived on the e-commerce solutions scene in 2015. Even as the rookie newcomer, it already boasted some great assets. First of all it had some well-known sponsors such as Yoav Kutner (founder and CTO at Magento) and a reputable technical platform, Oro. This open-source RAD (Rapid Application Development) platform uses PHP and is based on the Symfony 2 framework.

Smile & OROCommerce

Smile only very recently became one of OROCommerce’s Gold Partners, yet, from the outset in 2015, has shown strong interest in this promising solution.

Our B2B expertise naturally prompted us to track the development of OROCommerce, attending various webinars, trade fairs and other presentations.

Today, our approach with our clients is thus gaining a new offer and our ambitions are on a par with what OROCommerce can offer for B2B.

Having already won the Innovation Award in 2021, SMILE was again recognised on 6 October 2022 in the same Award category, which confirms the expertise of our teams and once again haloed according to Oro "our outstanding technical skills, creative thinking, quality of elaborate integrations and innovative problem solving to meet the complex business needs of our customers." 

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The OROCommerce release created quite a stir. Why? Quite simply because it was the first Open source solution designed specifically for the very special field of B2B.

Furthermore, it is built on the ORO platform, which is also the base for Akeneo and OROCRM. The potential of such an offer is crystal clear.


Our blog features expert articles on OROCommerce (in French only):

by OROCommerce

OROCommerce, a benchmark for B2B features

For clients:

  • “Enterprise” client accounts with several levels
  • Price range for each client account level 
  • Prices that vary depending on sales packaging (individual units, bulk, packs, etc.)
  • Multi-warehouse stock management
  • Catalogue customisation
  • Quick order
  • Shopping lists (saved basket)
  • Bulk actions on product lists (add to basket en masse)
  • Saving of search filters for clients to maintain their view.
  • A page recapping all products ordered in the My Account section
  • Order workflow with buyer and sales controller profiles
  • End-to-end quote management
  • And the list goes on!

For merchant:

  • Management for various back office departments (sales organisation)
  • Management of leads, prospection
  • Follow-up of prospects with dashboard and alerts for actions to be carried out
  • Workflow management via a graphical interface, for example to customise checkout to individual clients.
  • Management of special offers
  • Management and monitoring of requests for quotes, negotiation per order or per product line
  • Management of payments for each account
  • Management of periodic invoicing.
  • Integration with the PIM, Akeneo, via a connector
  • Integration with OROCRM via a connector
  • And the list goes on!

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