DevOps working for your digital transition!

OpenShift is a platform of applications in PaaS mode (Platform as a Service) of the which the principal objective is to help you to boost your digital transformation projects by adopting a DevOps approach.

Smile & Openshift

Smile offers total expertise on the full PAAS, Continuous Integration and Continuous Strategic Deployment cycle, to enable a well managed implementation of this OpenShift solution!
•    Integrate projects on developer’s workstations
•    Share the workload among colleagues 
•    Provide a continuous vision of the application as a sort of “recipe” as you progress through the integration

In short, you can successfully produce “continuous delivery” in a diverse universe of development.


Studied version
Apache 2.0
Creation year

OpenShift is a solution of PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) edited by Red Hat which allows you to build, deploy and perform your digital applications in containers.
by OpenShift

A multilingual, agnostic solution to support you!

For multi-site projects, OpenShift is “multilingual”, which allows developers to create development environments and databases in several languages, all on the same platform.

OpenShift is also “agnostic” and offers several languages and development platforms.

OpenShift works just as well on physical or virtual infrastructures as it does on public Clouds.

Based on Kubernetes and Docker, this solutions offers the ability to develop, deploy and manage container based applications in a transparent way.

With support available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, this is the version of Red Hat preferred by large organisations.

OpenShift, a never ending list of advantages!

The OpenShift solution runs and manages stateful and stateless applications. You can therefore really take advantage of your containers without needing to modify the architecture of your business applications.

With OpenShift, you can also easily remove and replace costly or obsolete applications. 

You can modernise your existing applications by basing them on microservices with the aim of increasing their modularity and their availability.

It will be easier to make informed decisions when integrating large volumes of data and when implementing a more efficient business process management.

You can deploy and manage OpenShift on Cloud platforms that run Red Hat Enterprise Linux (the basis for numerous public and private Clouds), notably Amazon Web Services, Azure, Google Cloud Platform and VMware.

Simply put, OpenShift provides a single platform for containerised applications on all private and public clouds.

This OpenShift solution provides a common platform and a set of tools to teams who are in charge of both development and operations.

As such, the two teams follow the same continuous workflow of maintenance and development of applications. Thanks to this approach, you can eliminate processes that are too slow and also manual operations, to enable you to adapt to the needs of your business. 

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