Do you have a problem with your ERP? Odoo certainly has the answer!

Odoo (formerly known as OpenERP) is an open source software capable of responding to the needs of any business application (standard or specific), which, in addition, has native verticalisations adapted to trade, industry, or services. 

Smile & Odoo

Back in 2007, Smile identified Odoo, or OpenERP as it was at the time, as a competitive, reliable and sustainable solution. We very quickly became partners working alongside the editor. Ten years later, we are still partners and our vision of Odoo remains unchanged.

Every day, our clients benefit from our expertise and the best assets of this solution. Our service offering around Odoo (Project Mode, a dedicated application management, Technical assistance, Advice, Training, Hosting…) is as complete as possible to enable us to accompany our clients for the duration. 


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Odoo (formerly OpenERP), founded in 2005 by Fabien Pinckaers, combines both the strength of a publisher and a large community, including integrators around the world, who provide all the use cases and provide valuable feedback, especially in the form of reusable modules.

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When the strength of an editor and a global community join together

Since the launch of its first version in 2004, Odoo’s performance has not stopped improving. Thanks to who? To its editor, but also to the integrators all over the world who map out all of the types of usage. 

These maestros of open source provide valuable feedback, often in the form of reusable modules.

All of this has been made possible thanks to a real technological innovation that leans on recognised standards in terms of databases and web services.

An Odoo for every business activity

Sales, purchasing, HR, projects, accounting, logistics, storage, production, billing... The Odoo framework quickly adapts to specific contexts. Be it through the configuration of new workflows, of new information or dashboards... Odoo offers a version of ERP that is always efficient in business!

With an object-oriented framework, Odoo can also be adapted perfectly to the implementation of management applications. It becomes easy to model items to be managed, to enable you to generate and adapt input forms or lists. All of this is possible thanks to the native research capacity, auto-completion tools and access rights via the administration interface or by configuration files.

Items are also automatically available to be accessed via web services. The existing problem of integration into an IS is therefore entirely simplified. As for the data stored in the database, it remains in a classic relational model that can be queried in SQL.

The outcome? An easy readability, reporting capability, and the return of simplified and completely open data!

In short, whether it is for businesses in the service industry, e-commerce or industry, Odoo responds to all of the issues relating to commercial management, purchasing management, provisional workload management, allocation of employees, holidays and availability scheduling, pricing policy, logistics, inventories, flows, after sales service, billing, lists, sale of raw materials... The Odoo ERP is unstoppable, it can manage EVERYTHING!

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