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Whatever the size of your company or business activity, Nuxeo meets all of the specific needs of content management, particularly in high-volume environments, or in those that need a high degree of personalisation.

The editor has always been a leading pioneer in the adoption of the most powerful technologies (nuxeo drive, elastic search, base NoSQL, WebUI), whilst at the same time remaining faithful to the fundamentals that made is a success, notably its complete personalisation workshop and its ultra-modular architecture.

Smile & Nuxeo

Smile has partnered with Nuxeo since it launched the very first versions of its solution. A partnership that is facilitated by the French roots of the editor, of which the R&D and the development teams are all based in France, despite its growing success in the United States.

More conventional at the outset, (dematerialisation of documents), the Smile-Nuxeo projects have followed the advances of the solution to now offer DAM (Digital Asset Management) services or even the construction of business repositories that join together all types of content including web, media, documents and structured data.


Studied version
LTS 2019 (10.0)
Creation year

The content management platform from the Nuxeo editor offers several exclusive technical characteristics which together create a tool that is particularly well suited to high volume, high performance environments.
by Nuxeo

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A highly flexible model

Nuxeo offers natively:

•    a high performance content management and indexation engine (based on the last versions of Mongo DB and Elastic Search)
•    a rule and business processes management (case management) engine 
•    a complete personalisation studio (Nuxeo studio) that accelerates developments and their deployment.

The juxtaposition of these three component parts allows for the rapid construction of “made to measure” content management solutions that are “job orientated”, whilst at the same time remaining strongly progressive.

Exclusive functionalities :

For more basic level usage of document management, Nuxeo equally offers a range of original and interesting characteristics:
•    a desktop Drive module which allows for a rapid production of documents with almost no need to leave the EDM system
•    API connection with a large range of “Box” or “Cloud” type solutions such as Googledoc, Office 365…
•    An ergonomic native interface that can be used directly for simple projects, made up of components that can be re-used, to build more comprehensive or specialised solutions
•    A completely modular architecture which facilitates the development, maintenance and re-use of additional functionalities.
•    A notion of “relationships” which allows you to create typed links between content. The typing is reciprocal, allowing for the creation of links to internal elements of Nuxeo as well as external links (URL)
•    A powerful notification engine (alert activation for numerous elements) that is expandable (by mail, RSS...)
•    The ability to associate several files in one EDM document (management of annexes)
•    Vast capacities of DAM (processing of images and video)

A completely updated user experience

The 2017 versions of Nuxeo benefit from a complete revision of user interfaces, calling upon the most recent web design innovations and “front client” technologies (JS and web components). An approach that provides a great freedom of personalisation to completely blend the solution according to the graphic or ergonomic demands of the project.


Studio - the tool of agile projects

Nuxeo Studio allows internal and/or external project teams to configure and personalise Nuxeo Platform on the basis of the same shared graphic environment. The developments can be tested and deployed in just a few clicks. And the greater portability is assured with each new version of Nuxeo.

Technology: Java
Community Edition (without Nuxeo Studio) 
Enterprise Support including Nuxeo Studio and different levels of services

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