Can you guess who the number one Platinum Liferay partner is in France? Smile!

Smile maintains a superb collaboration with Liferay. This Open Source platform was, from its outset, dedicated to the construction of internet portals centred around collaboration among users.

Today, it is capable of providing digital services to your clients based around a unique internet/ extranet/ intranet structure which facilitates your digital transformation.

Smile & Liferay

Smile carried out its first Liferay project in 2007 with the Voyages SNCF (France’s national railway) intranet site.

In 2011, we became the first partner in France to reach Platinum status (the highest level).

Today we are equipped with a strike force capable of assisting you with every topic that Liferay can address. At its core is a team of certified experts.


Studied version
Creation year

An Open Source J2EE Portal, Liferay offered at its outset a user experience similar to that of MyYahoo, but now is closer to that of Netvibes, an improvement for all!
by Liferay

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From collaborative internet portal to digital services platform

The first versions of Liferay allowed users to deploy collaborative internet spaces. With an architecture that is centred around its users, there are multiple levers that can be activated to enable teams to be organised by job role, project, area of interest... this organisation is available for a range of sectors such as blogs, calendars, documents, wiki...

A few years ago, the solution turned itself towards users outside of the business and has used its know-how to provide solutions to problems linked to the implementation of an extranet site. For this, it has retained its user-centric focus and has improved its more traditional functionalities of content management.

Over and above the solution, Liferay is also a community of digital professionals who work on improvements under the governance and with the support of the Liferay Inc. organisation. This important player in the java open source ecosystem can be sure of the appropriateness of Liferay with the industrialisation needs of the business world such as website factories and the interfacing with other components of SI for example.

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