Can you guess who the number 1 Drupal expert is in France? Smile!

Omnipresent for many years in the French digital ecosystem, Drupal is a candidate of choice for those aiming to build a rich digital experience. In its latest version, this PHP solution has been built based upon numerous components born out of the Symfony community, and it focuses on industrialisation.


Smile & Drupal

The Drupal adventure began for Smile in 2008 when our Technology Watch team concluded that the solution was mature enough to be used in business. It really took off at the beginning of 2011 with the launch of version 7 which boosted its capabilities. We’re now a group of more than 150 fans creating project after project.

An emblematic example of open source solutions, Drupal would be nothing without its community in which we are particularly active, having been a part of the Drupal France association since 2013, and having sponsored the French Drupalcamp conference, and additionally we have made many contributions that can be found in the marketplace at Drupal.org.



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Are you looking for a CMS that is both ergonomic and expandable? Much more than a blog, now you can do everything you need with Drupal! Created in the 2000s by Dries Buytaert, Drupal is now a huge success thanks to its solid community.

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Drupal is a digital open source platform that will fit all your needs

One of the most noteworthy characteristics of Drupal is its modularity. Around a core that is focused on the essentials of a content management tool are thousands of available extensions that turn Drupal into a veritable all purpose version of a digital software: Corporate communication, business social networks, extranet... nothing can stop it!

This flexibility is the fruit of the labour of an ecosystem, users, contributors and integrators that are particularly well established in France. The community works in a coordinated way to continually improve the solution in a spirit of healthy co-opetition.

Finally, the Drupal community is particularly attached to the aspect of sharing behind free software. The core, just like the modules that can be added to it, are totally free. The more than competitive pricing linked to the flexibility of the solution, has impressed many users: Dassault Systèmes, Nestlé, Chronopost, Carrefour, Danone, Dior, Total, Engie, the BNP, l’Unesco, France Télévision, the Gobelins, government departments and even the Safran Group.


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