White paper Modernize with AWS

Modernize with AWS

Table of contents


1  Introduction: the pathways for modernization

- Digital innovators are empowered by modern applications

- Bringing business value

- Going at MACH speed

- It is all about the journey

- The 3 pathways for modernization

   2 Migrate your workloads on containers

- Create new applications and expand your serverless capabilities

- Why use Kubernetes today

- Manage containers with low efforts

   3 Build on managed container and serverless services

- What microservices bring you

- As serverless as possible

- Using Lambda and managed container services on AWS

- Computation options on AWS

   4 Transform into a modern devops model

- In conclusion : manage less, innovate more

   5 Migration made easy

- Following the Well-Architectured Framework

- The tools for migration

   6 A few use cases

- Exam submission platform

- Going cloud native

   7 Who are we ?


Did you know that 90% of new applications are expected to be cloud-native by 2025?

In this new white paper, learn about the big issues around building modern applications, also known as modern apps, with the cloud. You'll learn about three main ways to modernize your applications with AWS.