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In a technological world that is becoming more and more inundated with containers, Kubernetes is an innovative Open Source solution created to deploy, automate and guarantee the support as well as the management of containerised applications. 

Kubernetes will take the weight off your shoulders!

Kubernetes is a comprehensive system that manages the provisioning of containers on a cluster.  

In other words, Kubernetes linked with Docker creates a PaaS, simplifying its implementation.

Kubernetes is an association of several services developed in Go. 

You therefore have the API service, the management controller and the planner that all run on the master server.

The “slaves” (known as minions”) will run 2 services: Kubelet which restarts the container, responding to the demands of the controller and a “proxy” service to allow the services to respond (including the containers that are running on other minions.)

With no licence fee, flexible and scalable, this more Ops orientated solution is naturally supported by a large community of which Smile is, of course, a part!


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Kubernetes is a flexible and scalable solution that will allow you to manage your containerised applications


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