A self-service, embeddable BI platform!

JasperSoft offers a sophisticated BI platform that provides users a simple method of accessing the data that they need.

How? By allowing the user to directly query the operational databases without needing to go through the stages of setting up a data warehouse


Smile & Jaspersoft

As an expert of the JasperSoft solution, Smile has been working enthusiastically over the last 10 years on JasperSoft projects, in some very demanding contexts.

It is a solution that has evolved over time, offering a modern and intuitive interface.

Reporting, BI Self-Service, Embedded BI, Mobile BI, it’s all there!


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JasperSoft is a scalable and embeddable platform based on a standard, modular architecture

by Jaspersoft

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With JasperSoft... the decision making analysis becomes child’s play!

Thanks to its functionalities, JasperSoft offers the freedom to browse and to act intuitively whilst remaining focused on what is important.

Experienced users therefore benefit from its immense capabilities, whilst novice users experiment a professional approach with the use of dashboards.

One of the major attractions of JasperSoft is its ability to be integrated into third party applications.

Improve brand image with an efficient BI Solution!

Would you like to integrate Business Intelligence functions, give secure autonomous access to users and optimise their performance? Then JasperSoft is for you!

With this Open Source solution, the end user benefits from advanced request functionality, report generation and data analysis:
•    Generation of reports and ad hoc requests intuitively managed using drag and drop, with a metadata extraction layer. As such, a professional and simple display is created for the end user.
•    The development of dynamic dashboards on an ad-hoc basis using drag and drop with dynamic, real time updating. You therefore have an interactive visualisation with composite applications (mashups) and external content.

With JasperSoft, your reports, dashboards and analyses are integrated into all applications. 

What are the benefits? You are able to harness relevant information within your internal or your personalised applications.

The outcome? Thanks to a client focused analysis, you will now be able to improve your brand image and your client relations with a solid sense of direction and intelligence! 

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