Content management that supports marketing! 


A modern platform, Java and open source, built using the most reliable frameworks, and there you have it: Jahia’s offering since its creation.

A business orientated, comprehensive content management system, since 2015 it has enabled users to integrate, together with its Marketing Factory extension, tools that allow, via customer insight, the ability to optimize in real time content presented to internet users. 


Smile & Jahia

Sensing its great potential from 2003, Smile became one of the first integrators of the product in France. Always at the cutting edge of deployments and of technical mastery, Smile has been a historic partner of Jahia and has a multitude of client references!

Today, Smile is a Platinum Partner (the highest level) and received the prize for « Europe Partner of the Year » at JahiaOne in 2015.



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With its personalized modules and its capacity to be as powerful as a Java EE Portal as it is as a content management system, Jahia is truly of the highest level! 

by Jahia

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The most comprehensive java platform content management system

Much more than a simple web content management system, Jahia is a complete range of products created to accompany businesses in their digital transformation. Jahia Digital Experience Manager (DX) is the historical heart of the range, offering the full range of essential functionalities of web content management, notably in terms of website factories and publication circuits, using a turnkey approach. In Jahia Form Factory, you find a natural companion for the advanced management of forms.

At the end of 2015, Jahia Marketing Factory reinforced its offering by allowing Jahia to work using native interface with Unomi, an open source DMP (Data Management Platform) created by the Apache Foundation. This new product has the ability to accept the behaviours of internet users, allowing clients to build a true customer insight database. In addition to the statistical analysis, this insight database allows you to offer to each visitor in real time the most relevant content to achieve the objectives of the site.

Jahia was also created by a Franco-Swiss publisher, ensuring coherence and high quality for this Java platform and compliance with market standards. Even if usage rights of certain components are on a subscription only basis, the open source spirit of the solution is ever present, notably by the real concern to ensure that users are the masters of the data that is collected about them, something that is imperative to guarantee the privacy of visitors. 

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