The reconciler of Web content!

Have you ever imagined that one day it would be possible to pull together web content with a tool that collects HTML data on the fly to create new pages? Now it is possible with ESIGate!

Smile & ESIGate

ESIGate is an aggregator of Open Source web content 100% developed by Smile. It allows you to construct a website by assembling pages, blocks of content, and resources from different web applications. Put simply, the different fragments of information from the various servers are assembled on a single page that is easily consumed by the internet user!
ESIGate is a technique that combines simplicity and non-interference. Its great strength? It is technologically agnostic meaning that it can therefore integrate any web application without the need for even the slightest modification. Infinitely simpler yet with a much higher performance than a portal solution, ESIGate takes the weight off your shoulders by allowing you to insert HTML commentaries in order to perfectly define the blocks to be extracted.


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100% made by Smile, this Open Source solution allows you to pull together content from several sources to easily create pages!
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