Deploying your applications with total ease; sound tempting?

Docker is an open source application containerization technology which has seen much success. The platform allows the user to very simply construct, deploy and execute applications in the form of modules.



Smile & Docker

Smile has studied the Docker solution and has employed it with many clients. For example, for a large banking client, members of the Smile team brought their knowledge to the study of the containerization of an application and the inter-compatibility of the container on the different host platforms. The objective of this strategic study was to accelerate the implementation of new technology platforms that are faster and are therefore adapted to commercial changes in the banking world.

Smile is also an active contributor within the Docker community and has published the Argoos module (which synchronises a private Docker registry with Kubernetes deployments), and has actively participated in conferences and in writing publications.

And finally, Smile is an official partner of Docker! This partnership illustrates Smile’s desire to develop our expertise around the DevOps approach, the automation of tasks in Information System management, and the reduction of Time to Market for innovative products, by continuing to use agile approaches. Additionally, we would like to invite you to take a look at our white paper DevOps & Industrialisation, where several of the pages are dedicated to the analysis of Docker.



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Docker is a platform that enables user to build, deploy and launch isolated applications
by docker

Optimised for Linux & available for Windows, Docker is everywhere!

Docker is a technology whose aim is to facilitate the deployment of applications and the provisioning management of the underlying infrastructure.

Part of it is available on open source (under an Apache 2.0 licence) through an American organisation also called Docker which was launched by a Frenchman, Solomon Hykes.

Flexible & lightweight.... Docker is the champion of containerization!

Thanks to Docker, you can multiply the environments on your machine without limiting the performance of your computer. The resources are shared with the host machine! Each environment can be configured simply thanks to its Dockerfile, an integrated part which allows you to avoid application compatibility issues on different OS or Clouds.

As the container does not take on any OS, unlike a virtual machine, it is consequently much simpler to use than a VM. There is no need to activate a second system to execute applications. This translates into a much faster start up, but also in the ability to more easily migrate a container from one physical machine to another due to the fact that it is so light.

As they are so lightweight, Docker containers are portable from Cloud to Cloud. The only requirement is that the Clouds that are present must be optimised to receive them. This is the case with the principle players: Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, OVH...!


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