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We no longer simply present the most popular document management system in the world of Open Source! But since its conception in 2005, the editor has been substantially developed and its platform improved, which today is available in three variations which complement each other: Enterprise Content Management (ECM), Business Process Management (BPM), and Records Management.


Smile & Alfresco

The digital transformation of businesses and organizations goes hand in hand with the continuing increase in all types of content such as technical, administrative and commercial. Managing their production and circulation is therefore becoming an essential requirement.

Smile therefore works together with its clients to analyze the flows linked to their own business area and to build a deployment plan adapted to Electronic Document Management (EDM) and BPM. Security, performance, integration with the other building blocks of the information system, personalization of the solution, in addition to change management and support for users; all of this must happen for a project to be a success! Smile also acts as “frontline support” for the editor on behalf of each one of its clients using Alfresco solutions.

Smile has a free Add-on catalog that have been created and managed for our customers.

Smile, Platinum partner, distributes the solution through its 18 agencies and also provides premium support for Enterprise Editions


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In Alfresco, you will find all the functionalities of a modern and versatile document management software such as storage and cataloguing all types of content.
by Alfresco

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In Alfresco, you will find all the functionalities of a modern and versatile document management software such as storage and cataloguing all types of content including rich media and large files such as maps and plans, high performance visualization (from PDF’s to videos as well as Office file formats; everything can be read without needing to leave the software), a high performance search function with multiple filters, classification schemes, virtual navigation, and interfaces that can be personalized...

The icing on the cake? The solution stands out thanks to its capacity to interface with all of the other ecosystems of a business such as direct versions of documents created in Office suites (MS Office and/ or Google Doc), integration with directories and authentication systems, iOS and Android mobile clients, integration with digitalization chains and message systems, and connectors with other large business software packages such as SAP and Salesforces.

A tool that can be highly  personalized…
Dashboards, content types, metadata, version management... everything can be personalized! Even access to the solution can be managed in several different ways- via the web client, by network sharing, via a link into a business software package, or by synchronization mode with client workstations (Alfresco desktop sync).

... That remains easy to use
Alfresco provides an exclusive method of managing document spaces by “sites”, which allows effective delegation and administration by the users themselves without the need for in depth technical knowledge, all of which limits the risk of errors concerning access rights or confidentiality.

By using pre-configured models (document models, hierarchies and sites) you can save time and standardize usage within different departments  .

A complete and integrated package
Two important building blocks complete the ECM base.

Alfresco Process Services is a BPM (business process management) package which allows the user to create and design the workflow. Everything is created in graphic mode (to BPMN 2.0 standard) and the processes that are modeled can then be inserted into the ECM base if the documents are finalized, or they can be executed in the form of mini-applications directly in the BPM portal. All of the elements of tracking, administration and configuration are provided. The application can be used independently, or it can be purchased together with the ECM element.
Alfresco Governance Services is an additional complementary Records Management and archiving module, which conforms with regulatory standards.

Combined with suitable storage solutions, this module manages the need to register and store documents of value which is necessary in certain businesses.


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