Business Case VITAM

Is it possible to manage very large volumes with an open source software?

Which French institution has the greatest need for archiving? The State of course! Airport plans, pay slips, birth certificates. There is an incredible volume of data to archive! Entrusted with the project, Smile has rolled up its sleeves and launched the co-design of the Vitam programme, an open source archiving software solution, that is upgradeable and easy to interface!

Vitam, 3 fascinating aims for a remarkable project

The motivation for this inter-ministerial digital project was the French State's desire to create a common core of open source archiving and then facilitate access to documents. The expected result? Fluidity of use for all, employees and citizens.

How to commit for 20 years with peace of mind?

Choose technological flexibility! The Vitam Open Source solution is designed with modular and partitioned bricks that can be optimized later.

However, whoever says « state project » also means
  • High security solution : the unitary management of tens of thousands of objects must be perfectly secured
  • Reuse by the large majority : the interface must be reused by many, as well by public players as private ones
  • A sustainable platform : the solution must last at least 20 years! A unique quality for an Open Source solution, which has such a fast technologic turnover!
SCRUM of SCRUMS, what is it?

This method is used when several Scrum teams are involved. It aims to support agile teams to collaborate and coordinate perfectly with all stakeholders in the project.

The SCRUM of SCRUMS? The trump card in a well oiled project
An agile method and fluid communication are at the heart of this collaborative project, piloted by the Services of the Prime Minister.
  • Thanks to its agile expertise, Smile is responsible for the implementation of the Scrum of Scrums method for the project
  • Up to 4 teams work in parallel and are supervised by a Scrum Master
In total, over 16 Smilers work every day on the production and supervision of the source code. This global vision is based on regular discussions, enabling more reactivity and fluidity for this huge State project.

3 other "Vitam'in" projects for Smilians

  • Bring a fresh and innovative look in the choice of design for the solution
  • Provide continued support to admistrative authorities for the use of the Vitam platform
  • Carry out technical audits to optimize the base of pilot projects (3 ministries)
The spirit of a full agile and full open source project

What does the State expect from Vitam? Create an Open Source solution, with a source code accessible to all to be reused and redistributed! Openness and values that are completely in line with Smile's state of mind


Java (java 8) – API RESTfull – Maven – GIT –Rest Easy – Docker – Ansible – MongoDB – ElasticSearch – JUnit Mockito – Test Driven Development – Angular JS – Swift – S3
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