Business Case Total

How to easily manage over 40 websites?

Smile supports TOTAL in the implementation of a digital services centre dedicated to in-house and external communications. An ambitious project, strategic and fascinating for all technical and marketing teams.

Running a successful digital project with a major CAC 40 group

Total has high requirements for in-house and external communications. Their presence and visibility online must be flawless.

Smile's mission? Ensure the design and maintenance of their websites: editorial website, Careers website and over 40 other satellite websites.

The mission in brief: efficiency, enthusiasm and performance
  • Centralized management of the entire services centre (20 members of staff)
  • Maintenance in operational condition of over 40 websites (upgrading and corrective maintenance)
  • Creation of a research office dedicated to technical quality of deliverables and their optimization
  • Design and development of new web projects
The advantages of the research centre

With approachable experts with complete visibility of all platforms, the research center capitalises on the quality of all developments and supports Total in its choices of structure.

The 3 secrets for a harmonious working method

The design of new web platforms under Drupal is industrialized. Organization that enables all digital assets to be reused and costs to be rationalized.

Industrialization of performance also means the creation and monitoring of KPI dedicated to ensuring the efficiency of each action.

There is a wide range of methods available. It enables reactive responses and execution: V-shaped (with iterations/allocations) and agile cycle.

The Total and Smile collaboration in figures

projects per year
unique Open Source technology Drupal
technical environments
teams mobilized concurrently
tickets managed
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