Business Case Suez

Do you know the perfect recipe to manage several websites?

In 2014, the Suez group passed the reigns to Smile for the design and maintenance of its 3 websites.

Teams were delighted and enthusiastic about this beautiful project, and began by working on the existing sites (recovery and audit of documents and source code). They then implemented a fluid working method based on cutting edge technical expertise.

A brief history of the Suez and Smile collaboration

For two years, Smile regularly helped Suez with Symfony and eZ publish technologies.

In 2013, Suez was seeking experts to design an optimized web platform in 1 month! A team of Smilers, multidisciplinary, enthusiastic and fast, was mobilized. They kept their promise, in only 30 days , Suez had a stable and efficient Open Source solution.

1 year later, completely satisfied with their collaboration with Smile, Suez decided to entrust them with the design and maintenance of their 3 websites (BtoB and BtoC):

  • All about my water
  • All about my waste
  • All about my services

When expertise and speed coincide, the working methods are unstoppable!

The management of websites requires a lot of energy and skill. This is how it is possible to manage the project with expertise, enthusiasm, a listening ear and a lot of trust!

A team of optimists that react quickly
  • 14 developers
    (1 team for each website)
  • 1 scrum master
  • 1 engagement manager
  • Many different skills: PHP, Symfony 2, eZ publish, MySQL, Axway…
A perfectly oiled agile mechanism
  • A commitment to velocity
  • 1 week sprints
  • Monitoring of the business KPIs
  • A constant improvement of the services centre
  • Flexibility and reactivity during spikes in activity
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