New e-commerce platform for Bricoman

BRICOMAN superstores are one of Groupe ADEO’s four concepts and are among the leaders in retail products for construction and renovation. Enjoying brisk growth, the four Bricoman firms (in France, Spain, Italy and Poland) boast 64 stores of 5,000 to 10,000 sq.m.

1) Main project aims

As a part of its commercial development, Bricoman decided to launch a project to overhaul its e-commerce platform. The main aims for Bricoman were to:

  • Meet the needs of the four Bricoman firms in France, Spain, Italy and Poland on a single platform.
  • Create a more powerful and more easily upgradeable platform
  • Be capable of integrating the full range of the Bricoman product catalogue
  • Feature a pertinent, powerful search engine
  • Integrate cross-channel sales

 2) Smile-Bricoman collaboration

During the planning phase, Smile & Bricoman explored needs in-depth to select the most suitable technical and functional solutions. Further to this phase, Smile drew up an exhaustive description of the solution to be implemented with a precise roll-out schedule.

The Digital Director at Bricoman, Thomas Gonin, explained: “The main issue was to turn a complex system, with specific rules for each country, into an agile, long-lasting solution. Smile harnessed its expertise to set up a powerful, modular solution.”

The Magento solution was selected and thoroughly adapted and optimised to meet Bricoman’s needs. The main developments achieved were:

  • Improved performance in the product catalogue
    • Integration of a complex product catalogue, with over 1,000 facets
    • Optimisation of performance, with page loading time divided by an average of 10
    • Integration of the Magento Elastic Suite searchandising solution
  • Advanced content customisation
    • Customisation of the product assortment per store and per customer
    • Customisation of prices per store and per customer
    • Customisation of static content (slider, banners, etc.) per store and per customer
  • An enhanced order channel
    • An online estimate feature, guaranteeing prices for 30 days
    • Possibility of picking up an order from a store drive-in within two hours
    • Drop-shipping: delivery of products directly from the supplier
    • Multi-shipping: batch delivery to several different addresses
    • Setup of a cross-channel loyalty programme

Further to this project, Smile staff delivered a documentary database in the form of a collaborative wiki, to provide enhanced, well-structured, upgradable project information.

3) Project outcome

Smile is proud to have finished this project on schedule and with a high level of customer satisfaction, evaluated at 4.6/5 by Bricoman. The trusting relation forged between Smile and Bricoman staff means we can envisage an ongoing working relationship!

Thomas Gonin, Digital Director at Bricoman: “The new platform’s economic and behavioural performance fully meets our objectives. We are fully satisfied with this positive outcome.”