When people and technology work together on a project for the future

Smile has been chosen to develop and deploy a project of connected cab. What is the aim? Lead an ambitious programme to improve waste collection processes thanks to digital technologies, placing experience in the field at the heart of all designs.

Its business?
Experts in waste management including waste collection, cleaning, recycling and resource recovery
For whom?
5 million inhabitants in 3000 wards
Their everyday goal?
Enable private people, local authorities and industrial plants to comply with environmental standards and traceability of collected waste.
The "users in the loop" method is the key for success
The French leader of waste collection and treatment decided to set up a co design methodology with Smile, inspired by agile methods.
  • Brainstorming workshops with dump truck drivers, operations managers, members of the ITD, compactor manufacturers, etc.
  • Discussions with users at all stages of the project: wire framings, HCI models (Human Computer Interactions = interfaces), prototypes
  • Change management sessions
A soft and refreshing way to drive change by having every key player working in the Company.

Be a step ahead of Open
Source and onboard technologies

The connected cabin is an innovative and interesting digital transformation project. Unique in the waste maintenance world, the ambition is threefold:

  • Increase transparency and efficiency in waste collection, treatment and recycling
  • Having real time data feedback to develop new service offers and move towards individual invoicing
  • Improve the reliability of field data and efficiency to feed information back down to customers and encourage environmentally friendly behaviours
IoT AWARDS High Tech 2017
Smile wins the IoT "High Tech" AWARDS for the Open Source project, that combines internet with connected systems.
A great human adventure, at the crossroads of all Smile's skills

A frantic race to deliver the project in time!

Humanity, reactivity and dynamism were crucial to the project. Starting in 2016, the teams successfully delivered the solution in time for the Pollutec trade fair in December 2016.

How did they manage this feat?
  • With a "user centric" working method and many iterations enabling flexible and on-going development.
  • A strong and enthusiastic team of 20 Smilers including 1 project leader and 1 project manager.
  • Relay staff in each entity for simple and fluid communication.
  « In addition to their technical skills, we also appreciate Smile's expertise in ergonomics and user experience, which are a crucial part of our project. We also appreciate the strong involvement and flexibility of teams that supported us during each step of the creation of our project, completely integrated in the Smart Cities process. SMILE is therefore a long term partner.»
Testimony from the Information System Manager but also from the Innovation Project Manager of the Company.

We are looking forward to another show very soon!

Today, 6 dump trucks equipped with the connected system work on 3 sites and are testing the solution in real life. The next stages will enable the adjustment of the solution according to user tests prior to its deployment.

The connected cabin is a modern and responsible project placing the Company in the category of players that are passionate and committed to the future!

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