Business Case ERAM

How to create a Magento e-commerce website in record time?

In 2014, ERAM was seeking a single contact able to manage the redesign of their website from start to finish. They came across SMILE and both companies started out on an intense 8 month adventure.

Portrait of a French family business, Eram
A multibrand business
Heyraud, Gémo, Tati, Texto…
1.6 billion Euro in France and abroad
1500 staff and 330 stores
Over 1 million shoes made each year in 2 factories.

ERAM and Smile, the protagonists in a passionate story…

On the one hand Eram, the French shoe leader had an urgent need to revamp their e-commerce website to adapt it to web user's tastes and make it responsive. On the other, Smile, 360° expert of internet technologies and UX design, ready to rise up to the challenge of designing a new website in record time.

On the schedule for this project
  • A new graphic strategy to strengthen the brand's image and improve user experience.
  • Magento is an Open Source solution.
  • WordPress as a blogging environment.
  • Ingoing and outgoing flows enabling all the tools in the Eram ecosphere to exchange information online and offline.
  • Akeneo as a product information management tool (PIM) to support the e-commerce platform.

Which strategy should we adopt to complete an e-commerce site in 8 months?

Smile's solution: high level expertise, proximity and a finely tuned organization!

All aboard!
Our digital agency's teams design of the browsing map for fluidity and beauty (ergonomic & graphic).
At the helm, project managers and Magento developers and web designers work closely with Eram's marketing team.
For adjustments and maintenance, SMILE OUTSOURCING guarantees a comprehensive hosting and OAM (Outsourced Application Maintenance) service.
2. Keep the rhythm
throughout the project!
A clear and precise roadmap and frequent steering committee meetings.
A working method in V cycle to always look forward.
The choice of an Open Source solution that facilitates quick decision making.

Target achieved for Eram and Smile!

  • The ERAM website was online for the deadline!
  • Web users discover a premium customer experience with new intelligent user processes:
    A new blog and Instagram photo gallery
    Private sales managed online
  • Perfectly operational synergy between the website, the ERAM ERP and retail outlets: orders are now delivered in under 72 hours
A bounce rate
+40 %
Average time spent on the website increased by
+80 %
+35 %
growth in ingoing traffic from mobile phones
« Based on these tools, we are able to improve our competitive advantage and become the leader in online click & mortar shoe sales. »
Renaud Montin,
Erams' marketing and digital director.
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