Business Case beIN SPORTS

Design of a multilingual website that broadcasts live contents

Once upon a time there was a young company specialized in sporting news, and it was only three years old when it decided to conquer the world.

How? Thanks to the creation of a digital platform that was to be broadcasted around the world in several languages.

Portrait of a young company, beIN SPORTS
Country of origin
Launch country
Number of TV stations
sports TV stations
(live TV and live streaming)

set out to take over the world!

To do this, beIN SPORTS needed a team of superheroes, specialized in acrobatic web technologies and design. Their missions:

  • Decide on a robust architecture and size able to withstand sharp increases in audience during matches
  • Create an Open source platform with innovative technological developments: Symfony 2 and AngularJS
  • Design an efficient UX back and front office so that each piece of information searched for is easy to find.
  • Create a service center of experts, developers and Open Source web designers to maintain, develop and manage the platform

History of the creation of an international digital platform

The beIN SPORTS challenge
Support the growth of the group with a flexible web site able to publish multi lingual and multi-site contents. Miami, Paris, Doha, Sydney…. 60 journalists and editorial writers in 4 newsrooms must be able to easily contribute to the site.
The solution provided by Open Source systems
Smile immediately mobilises its 360° teams :
  • Smile Digital working on marketing design
  • Smile Infrastructure at technical design
  • Smile Embedded at integration and development
To rise up to all technical challenges, the build stage will be intense and passionate. It will last almost one year.
The result of beIN SPORTS and Smile's collaboration
An Open Source platform with an integrated player developed in 4 countries and 7 languages An API Centric construction that enables the integration of many suppliers (Dailymotion, Newsweb, Amazon Web Services) An ultra intuitive CMS that can be used by all journalists A flexible and robust technical environment that withstands incredible peaks.
In 2015, Smile won
a Symphony award for this website.
Best B2C website of the year!
Now, beINSPORTS is…
Over 70 million
visitors a month
50 million
videos viewed

And Smile is…

A complete team dedicated to the constant maintenance and optimization of the site with :

Account Manager
Engagement Manager
Hosting project managers
The 2nd chapter of the beIN SPORTS - Smile story is currently being considered, teams are already working on a new project, to open the platform up to Asian countries.
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