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This collection will enrich your knowledge of open source solutions and help you become a pro! Our white papers include best practices, methods and case studies; key domains allowing you to become an expert!

Guide to open source

Guide to Open Source

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Suppose we were to tell you there’s a benchmark assessing 350 open source products. And that this handbook is available free of charge here?

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This collection brings you to an inner journey around the passionate world of digital. Want to be a pro of CMS, e-commerce, mobile ? With our white papers take a virtual trip to the heart of open source.

GDPR get compliant cover

GDPR ecommerce

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GDPR :  Get compliant ?

25 May 2018, the GDPR will come into force and no one can escape it! The protection of personal data and privacy is well known but:

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Business Apps

Loose yourself in the wonderful world of Business Apps! Where Big Data, GED, ERP or Business Intelligence will become your best allies to achieve your digital transformation. Quickly discover our white papers!

BI Open Source

BI Open Source

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How open source decision-making solutions became powerful alternatives to proprietary software …

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