Open source

This collection will enrich your knowledge of open source solutions and help you become a pro! Our white papers include best practices, methods and case studies; key domains allowing you to become an expert!

understanding open source

Understanding open source

Like many digital enthusiasts, you have realized that open source is much more than freeware?

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This collection brings you to an inner journey around the passionate world of digital. Want to be a pro of CMS, e-commerce, mobile ? With our white papers take a virtual trip to the heart of open source.

Mini book Modern Apps

Modern Apps

What Modern Apps change for your business


Now more than ever, you need to adapt your business models to a fast-changing market environment.

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Business Apps

Loose yourself in the wonderful world of Business Apps! Where Big Data, GED, ERP or Business Intelligence will become your best allies to achieve your digital transformation. Quickly discover our white papers!

LB APIM Management

API Management

APIs play an increasingly important role in our information systems. Knowing how to manage them has become essential to simplify and secure their use.


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With our Infrastructure collection, your IT projects will take off! Cloud, DevOps or Virtualisation... Embark on a dreamy journey through the best open source solutions on the market!

Mini Book Green Ops AWS

GreenOps AWS

GreenOps mini-book: how to limit the carbon emissions of infrastructures?

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