Embedded and Connected Objects at the heart of your innovation

Do you want to launch connected products that are among the most innovative? Then you’re in the right place! Together, we will imagine, prototype and develop the objects of today and tomorrow. We will help you with the conceptualisation and development of all or part of your systems with any number of significant constraints (wether they are technical, financial or time-based.) We will be by your side in the industrialisation and maintenance of your solutions. We will ensure the security and reliability of your embedded and connected systems. Smile’s Embedded and IoT offer is all of this!

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Why Smile for your Embedded and IoT needs?

Since the suitability of using open source solutions for embedded systems is no longer in question, put your confidence in the expert of the subject ;) The implementation of new connected objects or complex embedded systems requires numerous competencies such as the ability to upgrade data or to develop new services. That depends not only on the capacity to create information from communicating objects, but also the ability to manage storage, processing and recovery solutions. The services, provided by Smile (Digital, Business Apps, Infra, Embedded & IoT), all complement each other, which makes it possible to limit the number of stakeholders and to make your Embedded & IoT projects a success!

Finding solutions to your challenges - that’s our obsession


Connect my car fleet

Transfer data in real time, and rationalize the number of equipments in the cabin.


Improve the ergonomics of the driver controls

Conceive and prototype the interfaces of the new generations of vehicles.


Develop new products and services

Discover the project of Canal+ with its new Box' offer!


Enhance the reliability and streamline of my systems

Tired of the expensive proprietary solutions with which each evolution is a puzzle?


Simplify everyday life

How to centralize the control of the tractors' electronic systems without sacrifying their interfaces' intuitiveness and simplicity?


Focus on my added value

A "Ready to Use" software platform dedicated to car sharing.



We are passionate about working with your teams

With more than 100 Embedded & IoT experts, Smile is a major player in the sector. Many companies from all sectors and of all sizes have already made Smile their preferred long term IT partner. This recognition has not happened by chance. It is due to many things. Of course it’s due to our technical expertise and our understanding of business challenges but above all, it’s down to our passion. Our passion for IT, for this completely crazy world that changes so rapidly, but also our passion to work with you to make your projects a shared success.

1 million
Objects deployed
Experts in the field of open source embedded
Hub/week compilations
man days per year dedicated to R&D
Blog articles on LinuxEmbedded.fr
Dedicated white papers
Croissants per year minimum

Our promise to you is that we will draw upon the best technology

We have a special relationship with technology. We believe that IT has the power to positively transform society, and that 'open' IT is a source of progress and innovation.

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At your service

At your service just when you need it, we can accompany you as and when required or over the long term to guarantee quality assignments and experts who are among the best in the market. 

Turn your ambitions into reality; that’s the DNA of Smile: The DOers of innovation.

Occasional missions

  • From a few days to several months
  • Commitment of resources, guaranteed competences
  • Prestations of : Advice, Audit, Expertise, Development, Validation, Piloting...

Fixed price project

  • Agile Method or V Model
  • Commitment to results on Deadlines, Costs and Quality
  • Project to realize or to maintain
  • Technical and Quality Insurance

Services center

  • Catalogue of complete servcies
  • Strong Engagements through : solid and long-term service levels, service convention and competences levels.
  • Industrialization
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