Digitalization: at the heart of your ambitions

Do you have big ambitions for your digital ecosystem? That’s great! At Smile, we see things big. We support you in the redesign of your digital world or in your innovation approach to go a step further.

Together with you and for your customers and employees, we design high-performance experiences and ensure their development and evolution.
Our digital expertise covers both:

- Digital experience: the creation of unique user and employee paths, training, UX-Coaching, user research & user tests, sprint design... find all our services on the website of our specialist brand UX-Republic
- e-commerce platforms and corporate websites in responsive design,
- Mobile applications with our Neopixl brand,
- Collaborative solutions,
- Controlling, monitoring, and optimizing your digital marketing campaigns to maximize the visibility of your devices and the engagement of your audiences,
Cloud hosting and managed services for your platforms and web services, with alterway.

The digital offer is all that at Smile:)


Find our universe of specialist brands on their dedicated sites:


UX-Republik - Smile Group

Neopixl - Smile Group

SensioLabs - Smile Group

alter way - Smile Group
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Why Smile for your Digitalization needs?

Contrary to what most agencies do, we have a more technical DNA, and contrary to many IT consultants, we have a more business oriented DNA :) With our expertise in various solutions, we design the most innovative projects based on the best and most of them are up to date technologies, always taking the business first approach. Solutions that are performing, scalable, that use state of the art technology, and that are anchored in the reality of your users’ expectations.

Less nonsense and more efficiency; That’s the real + of Smile! And we believe in it 100% :)

Finding solutions to your challenges - that’s our obsession


Your data in situ to keep control

What is the best way to improve its store sales? Knowing its customers, its habits and above all its presence!



Digitalize my point of sale

You said Digital In Store? Bricoman offers 360° advices to its clients!


Develop new business

Modernize a brand identity and operate a digital transformation? This is the project for Ricard with a fresh and modern service!


Boost my on-line sales

Trend is everywhere! Eram fully understood it and offers the most innovative online services.


Extend the user experience

70 millions visitors per day, that means a lot of athletes! To not disappoint them, beIN chose groundbreaking technologies.


Transform my digital presence

Piloting more than 40 websites? We did it for Total!

We are passionate about working with your teams

With more than 600 digital and ebusiness project experts, Smile is a major player in the sector.

Many companies from all sectors and of all sizes have already made Smile their favorite long term IT partner.

This recognition has not happened by chance. It is due to many things. Of course it is due to our technical expertise and our understanding of business challenges but above all, it’s down to our passion. Our passion for IT, for this completely crazy world that changes so rapidly, but also our passion to work with you to make your projects a shared success.


Front end & Back end developers
projects per year
mobile developers
man days per year
Contributed total turnover by our e-stores
Magento GOLD certifications
coffees per year

Our promise to you is that we will draw upon the best technology

We have a special relationship with technology. We believe that IT has the power to positively transform society, and that 'open' IT is a source of progress and innovation.

Our technologies

At your service

At your service just when you need it, we can accompany you as and when required or over the long term to guarantee quality assignments and experts who are among the best in the market. 

Turn your ambitions into reality; that’s the DNA of Smile: The DOers of innovation.

Occasional missions

  • From a few days to several months
  • Commitment of resources, guaranteed competences
  • Prestations of : Advice, Audit, Expertise, Development, Validation, Piloting...

Fixed price project

  • Agile Method or V Model
  • Commitment to results on Deadlines, Costs and Quality
  • Project to realize or to maintain
  • Technical and Quality Insurance

Services center

  • Catalogue of complete servcies
  • Strong Engagements through : solid and long-term service levels, service convention and competences levels.
  • Industrialization
Free IT to unleash your innovation potential