Consulting at Smile? It's approx 40 consultants all around Europe with a mission: help our clients get the right intel about digital and unlock their digital transformation in each stage of the process. Digital, embedded & IoT, infrastructure and business apps: our consultants can help you through all these areas and find the right solution for your problems.

By conceiving and creating solutions for our clients, we certainly have a lot to share. Our consultants team guides you at each moment of your digital journey. At first with the idea itself matching business opportunities, then with extra brain to rock the conception of your project and finally on building the solution at your side and of course make it grow with innovative methods such as Growth Hacking sessions. Either it's for short missions aimed at providing quick win solutions or longer help to ease your effort on project management, we'll certainly find the right fit for your needs.

Every step of the way consulting


Identify growth leverage and opportunities

At the very begenning of each project, there's a need. Transform your company to grow faster? Earn market shares? Better serve your customers? It's critical to ask the right questions from the start so your project can match clear goals and take the right direction.

Help you take the right decisions

At each stage of the conception, challenges are real and can have a major impact or either your project work or don't. Listing your needs, adding ideas based on benchmarks, help creative teams to be KPI focused and ROI centric and of course testing, testing, testing and enhance your vision. Our consultants help you on all these stages to define the right path to success.

Helping your project leaders

Creating a digital project starts with a lot of tasks from meetings to validation processes that take time and energy. We know that sometimes, even if you really need to change, you just don't have the time for it. There's where our consultants can help you by taking in charge most of the workload and give you just the time to work on other strategic tasks while the project is going on.

Make it used

You certainly know that in most digital projects, the challenge is less on the "build" site than in the "adopt" challenge. How to get a solution be used and immerge in your customers or coworkers daily routine? How to make a project centrally managed be an international shared company plan? Organising meetups and make everyone speak with one voice if part of our missions and represent one of the most strategic tasks in every digital project.

Keep mooving

We all know that the world changes faster than ever. New solutions are build every seconds and your customers are used to have fresh services very often. Your vision whatever it is have to follow this one rule to survive: stay one step ahead. From methodology to regular growth hacking sessions and of course, analysis of how your solution is used by your customers is part of the success path that needs to be put in place and our consultants can help you with it.

At your service

Our consultants can help you at each stage of your digital transformation from vision to build and growth with several mission types. Short missions aimed at finding the right solution or longer needs to make time in your agenda, let's review how we can help you with these exemple missions

Strategic Consulting

  • Digital Strategy
  • Audits and analysis
  • Strategic Marketwatch
  • Change management

Operational Consulting

  • RFP conception & writing
  • Product Owner help
  • AMOA
  • Deploy organisation

Technology Consulting

  • Technical Audits
  • technical Architecture
  • Solution comparison and choice
  • Troubleshooting
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