IoT Solutions World Congress 2023 : a look back at 3 exceptional days!


You couldn't attend the IOT Solutions World Congress? Smile gives you an overview of the highlights of the 2023 edition!

The main trends of this 2023 edition


The IOT Solutions World Congress closed yesterday the doors of its seventh edition after three days of great activity around technologies that will reshape the industrial landscape in the near future: digital twins, artificial intelligence, augmented and virtual reality and 5G connectivity.

The environmental theme was clearly highlighted through the feedback of Nespresso, Grupo Torrent and the Lego Group.


Focus on the Industry Solutions Awards


industry solutions awards


The Industry Solutions Awards celebrate companies that are transforming the way the world works by solving technical or business challenges using IoT technologies. The awards highlight the most significant digital transformation projects in verticals such as energy, healthcare, buildings and infrastructure or connected transportation.

  • The award for Best Connected Transportation and Smart Car Solution went to Volvo Cars for its portal in which it shares its digital tools with developers and external partners in order to enrich its connected services. 
  • Nederlandse Spoorwegen (Dutch Railways) was awarded for the best Smart Buildings and Smart City solution for the DigitalTwin (digital twin) at Utrecht Central Station. It improves passenger comfort and safety and detects faults in the 2nd largest station in the Netherlands!
  • Saudi Aramco received the Best Smart Energy Solution award for its HYBot, a wireless sensor that detects hydrogen tank conditions in order to optimize extraction in hydrocarbon fields.
  • The best solution in the Smart Manufacturing/Industry category was awarded to KraussMaffei Technologies, for injection molding machine control.
  • Advances Algorithms 4 RADAR SL, received for the best Smart Health solution with a device capable of measuring and monitoring a patient's vital signs without contact.
  • Bosch AIShield, won for Best Cybersecurity Solutions for their security solution that protects artificial intelligence systems from threats and attacks.
  • And finally, the Game Changer Award went to Michael Grieves, CEO and Chief Scientist of the Digital Twin Institute.


A word from Cédric Ravalec


Cédric Ravalec

«IoT technologies will clearly help turn climate challenges into innovation opportunities to drive a carbon neutral economy for manufacturers.» Cédric Ravalec, Business Line Manager Cloud & IoT du Groupe Smile


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