SMILE, the open-source leader whose DNA is rooted in caring and sharing, is launching a new strategic plan called Open-Up! for the coming years. Open-Up!

SMILE launches its new Open Up strategic plan

SMILE, the open-source leader whose DNA is rooted in caring and sharing, is launching a new strategic plan called Open-Up! for the coming years. Open-Up! thus initiates a new phase in the development of the Group on a European scale. After having successfully carried out its Open Arrow plan, SMILE presents an ambitious strategy which will structure the stages of its development over the next three years and
which will allow it to continue its transformation by relying on 5 major complementary pillars.

● Strengthen the group's DNA

Bringing together more than 2,000 talents, including some from recent external growth operations, SMILE aims to unite all of its teams in a collective project and to strengthen the sharing of a common vision. As part of its new strategic plan, the ESN will therefore continue to develop its organization to position itself sustainably as a global player, able to respond to Open Source projects with high added value on a European scale.

● Always be closer to its customers

SMILE will make it a point of honor to strengthen the competitive advantage of its customers by offering them industrial and scalable Open Source solutions and by pushing convergent solutions on Data and the Cloud. Smile will continue to put innovation at the heart of the experience, uses and technologies.

● Rely on expert and committed teams

Developing the attractiveness of the employer brand and promoting the values of expertise, skills development, respect and good living are all key elements for SMILE. Evolving in a multicultural environment, talents will be able to live a unique professional experience, give real meaning to the notions of employability and mobility and rely on inspiring managers who will be continuously challenged to give the best of themselves.

● Position Responsible Digital at the heart of Smile's strategy

Anxious to have a positive impact within its industry, Smile will position Responsible Digital as a top priority. To do this, Smile will rely on two areas: the group's internal CSR policy and the deployment of a Responsible Digital offer for its customers. The company will therefore deploy a concrete and measurable CSR policy on a large scale while investing significant resources to offer a responsible offer to its customers based on Green IT, inclusion and security.

● Become essential internationally

Over the next few years, SMILE will invest heavily to reach a critical size in Europe and position its brand as a reference. In this context, the ESN aims to achieve more than 25% of its turnover over the next three years outside France and to bring together 50% of its workforce in the countries where it is established.

“Through this new strategic plan, we aim to continue our double-digit growth rate and achieve a turnover of 250 million euros. In this context, we will continue our organic growth and study new targeted external growth operations to increase our value proposition and our geographical footprint. We benefit from all the necessary resources to carry out our Open Up plan, to continuously integrate new talents, to offer our customers real operational excellence and to develop widely on a European scale. »Marc Palazon, CEO Smile