Who are we?

Since 1991 Smile has been a pioneer of technology and also the European expert in open source solutions.

With audacity and good projects, add a pinch of visionary culture, a fair dose of innovation, sprinkle the lot with multidisciplinary technical expertise and you get Smile, the European leader in integration and open source outsourcing solutions

Agile, open and committed, at Smile we love to be one step ahead to keep our position on the podium of major players in the digital world. To do so, we have developed 4 offers to support you through your digital transformation:

To finish these initial introductions, there remains one crucial question... “What would we be without the women and men who make the nice Smile machinery go round?”

In recent years, several emblematic companies with strong expertise have joined the Smile Group. Some have been fully integrated into our teams, others continue to exist under their own brands. Are they presented to you?:)

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neopixl, a Smile Group subsidiary since 2016, is an expert studio in mobile development. Designing strategies and digital solutions for and with clients.

UX-Republic, the French expert in creating UX and UI experiences, joins the Smile group. Specialist in the creation of user-centred experiences for brands.

SensioLabs, is supported by a network of more than 55 Symfony and PHP infrastructure partners in over 20 countries. This merger announces the alliance of two leaders in the open source market. Smile and SensioLabs share a common vision of open source and wish to accelerate their developments.

alter way, an emblematic player in open source in France, specialized in consulting, managed services and hosting of digital platforms in the cloud.

creativestyle is an e-commerce agency based in Germany and Poland. creativestyle gathers German market proximity, Polish remote capacities and excellence in opensource B2B & B2C e-commerce

Synotis CH, Data specialist provides advice in advance of projects and guidance on data management, to help you become data-driven by revealing the full value of your data.




On a daily basis, there are 2,000 smilians present in 9 countries working and thinking to perform the strategic projects of a number of major French and European companies.

Important dates in our history

1996 - 2001
2001 - 2003
2004 - 2007
2008 - To today

Hi, here we are!

4 friends, graduated from prestigious universities and who used to work for big French companies such as Shell, Thomson or Renault, founded Smile and positioned themselves in the area of management application on microcomputers. Back then, they used development tools known as "RAD" (Rapid Application Development).

Lyrical musings

Whereas most people are content with static web pages (basic information pages), Smile immediately turned to web applications. Clever! Impressed, the French bank, Le Crédit Lyonnais, entrusted Smile with the development of the 1st bank website, and then, Renault also chose Smile, and... done deal! Contracts were signed one after the other and the turnover multiplied by 5 in 5 years. Loud and clear!

My little business is thriving

The internet bubble bursts and takes with it a large number of web agencies. Smile resisted, reacted and started to build its expertise around new open source solutions. A decision for the future!

The wheels keep turning

Competition emerges but Smile keeps the lead of open source solutions, even extends its expertise to new areas such as CMS, Portals, e-commerce, Decisional, Infrastructure and ERP. To enhance its offer, related services were also created: media agencies, application management, exploitation, system... The result? A growth of 50% and the opening of 3 new agencies in France.

The world is calling

300… 500… 2.000 staff and 17 agencies across the world. And it doesn’t end there! Being now a leader in Open Source solutions, Smile is still going merrily along and is progressing, loyal to its essential values of collective intelligence and sharing!

1st integrator and European expert in open source solutions

years of experience
millions of turnover in 2022
Agencies in France and abroad

The Executive Committee's dream team

Who is managing Smile? Discover our talented managers who make Smile the European leader of the Open Source ;) 

An engaged, optimistic, agile and accessible dream team!

Thank you also to our 2000 fantastic Smilians who contribute every day to our success!