What is Open Source ?

Open source software is a program with its source code made available and which can be used, studied, modified and redistributed freely. There are millions of open IT solutions that anyone can contribute to!

Open source is not only cheaper…
It’s also a technological reservoir to boost your innovation potential !
On the menu of open source, economic benefits, enormous productivity gains...
And loads of other advantages that come by the hundreds !
Let’s explore some of them :


Open to the addition of modules and extensions, open source extensions are robust and changing while also complying with interoperability standards.

Freedom of choice

Non-dependence or low dependence in relation to a company is a major and undeniable feature of open source !


Because they federate large communities of users, they have an incomparable and long-lasting development dynamic.


Open source is in the headland in numerous areas and technologies of the future: cloud, big data, devops, IoT...


Open source has become the inescapable mature model.The big names of the web have already adopted it...Google, Twitter, Facebook are all built on open source bricks !


Drupal is used by the White House ! What else can you say, in terms of security, open source has clearly proved its worth !


of companies have chosen open source ! Why not you ?


billion euros of income in 2015 (+33% compared to 2012)*


jobs in France*


billion lines of code.

*Figures from the prospective market study on Free software use between now and 2020, carried out by Pierre Audoin Conseil on behalf of the Conseil National du Logiciel Libre et du Syntec Numérique, an association of I.T. companies.

Open source and Smile, a love story

Smile decided to focus on playing the free software card 15 years ago. Why? Because from the beginning, Smile believed in the potential of these solutions and completely identified with the values of open source: freedom, respect and openness! First adventure: the deployment of the Content Management System (CMS) open source for CEA (research organism for defence and security).


Partner of a large number of open source solutions and an active contributor on several dozen of them: TYPO3, Magento, Odoo, eZ Publish, Redmine, ElasticSearch, Drupal, JQuery, Alfresco, Nuxeo, GLPI, Play! Framework, Liferay, Buildroot…

Editor of a collection of over 40 white papers, available to download free of charge on our site! Quick, quick, quick, it’s this way >>

Creator of the Open Source Guide, a portal referencing more than 350 open source solutions with product descriptions, expert opinions and news to discover every day.

Founder of the Open Source School in collaboration with the EPSI: Number 1 computing school specialized in teaching open source technologies for students and professionals.

To find out more about Open Source, have a look at our white paper “Understanding Open Source” and also discover the trends and our experts’ explanations on our blog !

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