Smile buys Hypertexte, expert in natural indexing (SEO) and optimised copy


Smile has announced its acquisition of the agency Hypertexte, specialist in natural indexing, design and production of content geared to SEO.

Specialist in digital and copywriting for the past ten years, Hypertexte supports firms in all projects involving SEO (compatibility with Google, key-word and linking strategies), and editorial boards producing newsletters and drafting web content. The agency boasts over 400 client references, a third of which are CAC 40-listed firms.

With the acquisition of Hypertexte, Smile is stepping up its consulting offer in digital strategy as well as its capacity to provide end-to-end support for its clients in their digital switch projects, leveraging powerful websites with fully effective indexing. This integrated approach is a solid means to stand out from the crowd, making production seamless. In terms of organisation, Hypertexte staff have joined the Traffic Acquisition Department at the Smile head office in Asnières, to the north of Paris.

Grégory Bécue, Vice-President in charge of Development at Smile: “Smile and Hypertexte have been working together since 2006 and share many values, hence this rapprochement. By incorporating Hypertexte staff, we are consolidating our expertise in lines of business to serve our clients, thus helping them boost the scope and visibility of their actions on the web.”

“We are delighted to team up with Smile staff, reinforcing their core business. We are bringing great savoir-faire, as clients increasingly expect,” commented Pascal Maupas, Director of Hypertexte. “Hypertexte is one of very few French agencies with a reputed double skill set in natural indexing -SEO- and optimised web copywriting. Websites nowadays need to be well organised, with regularly updated content to achieve success on Google and raise visibility. Our combined expertise has boosted the scope of our offering and resources available to clients.”

This rapprochement has already helped the new outfit win a bid for a large-scale contract from a global industrial firm to handle semantic SEO for its main website (in French and English) and for SEO-oriented translation in four new languages.