The Appart by Smile, our new dedicated space for creativity, experimentation and demo.


Digitize your outlets with Smile!

Smile wanted to show a tangible evidence on the relevance of the outlets digitalization. It will help convince its customers that these two worlds has to meet since they tend to seem like one.

  • Innovative uses and technologie for the best customer experience at the outlet
  • Digital devices helping your staff to increase sales.

We are very please to present our connected store supported by our commerce expertise. We created a full platform addressing digital needs and physical outlets ,all of this in a unified display.



How to create a privileged moment of exchange with your customer before, during and after the act of purchase?

In a deeply connected world, the customer experience is the key for every marketing strategy. At Smile, we know it and we have dedicate our energies to provide a unique and unforgettable omni-channel experience.

From the outlet to the web, boundaries fade, allowing brands to make a daily lasting impression on each interaction with their customers for a seamless experience.

Just imagine polyglot communication or smart interfaces that revolutionize the way they are used, doing even better.

L'appart by Smile is the new dedicated space for creation, experimentation and demo of this fostering creativity!

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    Matinée Machine Learning & IA - Nantes

    Au programme de cette matinée :

    9h00 - Welcome !

    9h15 - Introduction à l'IA et futurologie : interface sans friction, computer vision, les assistants conversationnels

    Par Fabrice Dewasmes - directeur du département innovation de Smile et Fabien Gasser - Innovation advisor

    • Futurologie - Qu’attendre de l’IA aujourd’hui et demain ?

    Quel est l'état de l'art et les projections d’usage de l'IA, nous découvrirons ensemble les dernières innovations dans ce domaine mais aussi l'impact sur nos sociétés.

    • Introduction au Machine learning & Deeplearning

    IA ? Machine learning ? Deep learning ? Mais de quoi parlons nous vraiment ?

    Avec cette session nous allons vulgariser le vocabulaire de l’IA.

    • Cas d'applications concret et démonstrateurs

    En bonus 10 innovations concrètes pour les retailers.

    • Comment lancer votre premier projet d’IA ?

    Comment réaliser un projet d’IA ? Quelle gouvernance y associer ?

    11h - Pause café

    11h15 - workshops de découverte de la méthodologie Lego Serious Play

    Découvrez cette méthodologie d'innovation collaborative qui vous permettra de poser les bases de vos futurs projets.

    Matinée Machine Learning & IA Nantes