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Table of contents

  1. The PHP Landscape
  2. The need to change your PHP legacy now
  3. Migrating to Symfony: setting the new horizon
  4. Symfony for future-proof success

White paper PHP framework migration: from legacy to Symfony

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What’s Inside?

How to migrate safely from a PHP legacy application or an unmaintained PHP Framework app to Symfony?

Web platforms play a key role for companies to create deeper and more profitable relations with their customers. To remain competitive in their markets, companies set ever-increasing web development deadline targets and quality requirements. A faster time to market is critical to business success.

With the accelerated technological progress witnessed in recent years, the arrival of new tools and methods, the challenges of developing a quality web application and to deliver it on time have never been so complex! 

This whitepaper will help you:

  • Build your roadmap to online success
  • Launch your migration to Symfony framework

We hope you enjoy reading it! 

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