White paper GreenOps AWS

Mini Book Green Ops AWS

Table of contents

  • Alter Way in a few words
  • The environmental footprint of digital technology
  • What about the Cloud ?
  • What is GreenOps ? 
  • GreenOps on AWS by Alter Way
  • Conclusion 

GreenOps mini-book: how to limit the carbon emissions of infrastructures?

Alter Way, a brand specialising in the Cloud, has also committed itself to an approach to limit the carbon emissions of cloud infrastructures by setting up a "GreenOps" approach that "oversees" all OPS projects and methods. This "GreenOps" offer translates into the implementation of various elements:

  • new profiles in the company ;
  • a reference framework ;
  • model architectures;
  • and measurement and reporting tools used at all stages of the project.

At Alter Way, GreenOps is both a method of optimising the ecological impact of its infrastructure resources and a new dimension to the company culture based on DevOps and FinOps.