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WSO2 products provide the necessary agility and innovation for the digital transformation of businesses.

100% Open Source, the products can easily be combined to create a unified platform which covers all of the aspects of integration, API management, identity management, analytics and IOT.


Smile & WSO2

Smile has developed proficiency on the full range of WSO2 products, with a particularly strong expertise in the WSO2 ESB and WSO2 API Management products.

As a “Preferred Partner”, members of the Smile team have been able to establish close ties with the editor and can lead, from end to end, a complete digital transformation project, from the architectural phase to the deployment in the IS to the training of teams. .


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WSO2 ESB is an Open Source project which connects different environments by using a service oriented modeling.
by WS02

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WSO2, the most comprehensive platform in the world of IS

The ESB is a central brick in the information system that allows diverse applications to communicate with each other in real time.

WSO2 ESB is an Open Source project that was developed in 2005 by two ex-IBM celebrities, Dr. Sanjiva Weerawarana and Paul Fremantle, notably the creators of Apache SOAP and WSIF (Web Services Invocation Framework).

The product sits on the Carbon platform, using the OSGi specifications (Open Services Gateway initiative), common to all WSO2 products.

It is modular, expandable, and can be natively scalable.

The product uses the Apache Synapse project for the mediation component, and Apache Axis2 project for web services, of which the editor is the principal contributor.

Since 2017, WSO2 ESB has been integrated into the WSO2 Enterprise Integrator product.

Rapid and with a low memory footprint, the WS02 enterprise service bus is highly interoperable and supports numerous transports, formats and protocols.

The management of APIs is the focus of all Information System Departments who aim to open everything up whilst retaining control over their IS.

With WSO2, you will be able to protect your APIs and manage your service contracts with your clients.

The API Manager plays the role of interface between the exterior and the interior of the IS.

WSO2 API Manager is an Open Source project that enables the sharing of APIs with a community of developers through a marketplace.

Several thousands of businesses use WSO2 ESB around the world, and the company boasts references from prestigious organisations such as Boeing, Ebay (more than a billion transactions per day) and even the New Zealand mobile phone service provider, 2degrees.

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