A data platform ready to take on any challenge!

Talend has developed a unified platform with the aim of helping its clients to progress towards a data orientated business model.

And the aim? To meet all of the needs of integration, volume, batches, real time, reference data and Big Data. 


Smile & Talend

As a partner of Talend in France for over 10 years, Smile has developed significant expertise in the Talend Data Integration and Talend Data Services solutions.

In addition to the multiple references that we have for work relating to Talend’s ETL and ESB bricks, Smile also trains and certifies tens of consultants on Talend technologies.

A big plus point that allows us to support our clients in the different stages of integration projects is our expertise and training.


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Talend a développé une plateforme unifiée afin d’aider ses clients à évoluer vers un modèle d'entreprise orienté données.

by Talend

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Talend, a unified platform with multiple talents!

Founded in 2006 upon an Open Source business model, Talend offers an Open Source community software that can be downloaded for free, as well as commercial versions delivered using a turn-key approach.

The Talend Data Integration platform offers the quickest and most cost effective way to connect your data. Throughout the integration process, you will systematically follow the same steps: 
•    Design of the integration workflows, testing, documentation and collaboration with members of the team
•    Deployment of the program in an on-site or in Cloud production environment
•    Control and management of all updates
•    Development of the project based on your changing requirements to handle increasing queries and data

Talend Big Data is a simple yet powerful Big Data integration solution.

This versatile platform allows the easy integration of Big Data technologies and data sources without needing to write and maintain complex programming.

The Talend Big Data solution can manage the entire lifecycle of the integration of Big Data

Talend Data Services is a data and applications integration solution that facilitates each of the steps of an integration project.

In the creation phase, the graphic design of REST/Web services allows developers to create, test and publish Java Web services, REST applications, data services and integration solutions, and all from one unified user interface.  

Developers can simulate messaging routes from within Eclipse and observe the execution flow, with statistics on each aspect of the route that is executed for each message.

The visibility of statistics in real time of data flow activity or messages in a specific integration route enables rapid prototyping for developers, dramatically reducing development and testing cycles. 

At the deployment phase, Talend offers a flexible and rapid integration  on site, Cloud or hybrid IT environments, and automates the deployment on Cloud platforms.

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