Created in 2013, Snips is a French company designing privacy-by-design solutions for on-device, offline, voice recognition.

Available in several languages, they provide multi-room voice capture and local processing on a gateway.

Smile & Snips

Smile, the pioneer in open source digital technology, has been the first Snips’ Solutions Partner since summer 2018. This partnership enables us to strengthen our offering with the voice solutions developed by Snips and enables us to respond to a growing customer need, in terms of voice assistants, chatbots and voice interaction. Through this partnership, we are able to deploy Snips technology to our customers and support in creating smart products that respect the privacy of users. We also have privileged access to other tools developed by Snips.



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Snips provides Private-By-Design, Decentralized Voice Assistant Technology and Solutions.
by Snips

And you know what, Smile is SNIPS's first certified solutions partner. You can read the official press release on our medium!






SNIPS certified solutions partner



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