Launched in 2012, the company has very quickly become a reference in terms of Web Performance management

Quanta is the only analytics solution specially designed to allow e-commerce teams, to collaborate effectively around the same objective: using Web Performance to optimise online revenue.

Smile & Quanta


Over the years, the digital and internet environment has been constantly evolving. A website is more than just a communication medium, it has become a genuine sales channel, the subtleties of which must be known in order to provide the internet user with the best possible experience.  A quick and smooth customer experience is the standard—it’s a prerequisite for any digitalised activity. In this context where everything is always moving so fast, where the consumers’ time is short, the internet users’ decisions are made in milliseconds: a sale is made… or a prospect lost.

It is now together, and through the combination of their different areas of expertise, that Quanta and Smile are moving forward with the joint objective of providing full and effective web solutions to e-commerce website representatives.  

For Smile, joining Quanta appeared to be a logical continuation of the shared values and ambitions of these two entities for their customers and in the improvement of the web. 



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Since its launch in 2012 the tool has quickly become successful, as the solution is already embedded in more than 500 websites worldwide with key account customers. 

by Quanta

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•    Improved visibility, monitoring and managerial control, team collaboration, efficiency and trust;
•    A faster web experience with a better conversion rate;

•    Better controlled solution processes for more serenity
•    An update in real time, the Quanta timeline enables concerned teams to resolve incidents at the exact moment they occur.

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