Can you guess what the No. 1 e-commerce platform in the world is? Magento! 


Created in 2008 by the American software company Varien, today Magento is THE benchmark e-commerce platform! With more than 250,000 retail websites and 135,000 developers around the globe, it really is number 1 in the market! 

Smile & Magento

As a major partner of the Californian editor since its beginnings and with more than one hundred references relating to the tool, notably for the 25 Magento 2 projects, Smile is part of an inner circle of partners at a global level.

Smile, the number one European expert on Magento has become a Global Elite Magento partner - a status granted to only five businesses worldwide!

A few statistics:
•    Every year, more than 100 projects are implemented using the Magento solution
•    200 experts are actively working on the development and the promotion of the solution
•    Hundreds of clients including Krys, Auchan, Carrefour, and even Lindt have placed their confidence in Smile to manage the implementation of Magento.



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Performance, scalability, agility, functionalities created to boost sales... Magento is truly the leading e-commerce solution!
by Magento

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Magento 2, a new version that is even more powerful

As a logical continuation following on from the success of version 1, Magento 2 was born.

Even more robust and reliable, brands, retailers and businesses can offer omni-channel purchasing experiences... quickly, efficiently and cheaply!

This new version really does offer enhanced performance and scalability, as described in our dedicated Magento 2 Guide.

Its functionalities have all been created to boost conversion ratios. It’s also worth noting from the developers side, the integration of improvements relating to business agility and productivity.

They have thought of everything to help boost your sales!

But Magento does not stop there! Version 2 also delivers a complete suite of e-commerce tools:

•    Magento MARKETPLACE: all of the modules that you need to optimise your e-commerce site
•    Magento CLOUD: a stress free way to manage peaks in traffic on your server
•    Magento Order Management: the most scalable order management platform in the world
•    Magento BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE: to analyse and understand the behaviour of internet users
•    Magento SOCIAL: to monetise your social networks!
•    Magento SHIPPING: A multi-logistics provider solution to help you to grow your business

Created upon the building blocks of open source, Magento offers incomparable flexibility and innovation opportunities when compared to other software on the market!

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