Ephesoft Inc. is an IT publisher willing to simplify capture and extraction of data from unstructured contents. Its solution relies on artificial intelligence technologies such as
machine learning and natural language processing. Captured data is then transmitted to the back-office applications to speed up file processing, transactions and business processes.
Ephesoft's offer is based on a multiplatform web architecture (Windows and Linux). It is service-oriented and can be adjusted to customers’ needs (number of pages and/or number of users), as well as to deployment modes (on-premise or in the Cloud) and licenses (purchase or annual subscription).


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One version per quarter - Latest version (as of 07/30/2019): 2019-3
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Smile & Ephesoft

As an open-source solutions integrator, Smile has been a partner of Ephesoft since 2015. Our certified experts on the solution are entitled to help you at all stages of your project: definition of project scope and requirements, deployment, setting and full implementation of the solution.

About Ephesoft

Launched in 2010, Ephesoft’s headquarters are located in Irvine, California. The company has 7 offices in the United States, Europe and Asia-Pacific. Ephesoft is now marketing two products: Ephesoft Transact (capture, analysis and indexing of unstructured content) and
Ephesoft Cloud Hyperextender (OCR processing optimization solution), now used by more than 600 customers in more than 50 countries.
Ephesoft Transact is a multi-channel solution for capturing images from many sources including from its API: Swagger/OpenAPI. Once images are optimized and OCRized,
Transact's smart algorithms enable to identify documents and extract all needed data, using generic rules - no modeling being necessary.
In addition, the system becomes smarter over the time, as a self-learning mechanism allows operator actions to be saved and reused later if necessary.

As a full Web solution, Transact can easily interface with existing environments through urls or webservices. The Ephesoft's ecosystem of partners enables easy integration with leading IT publishers such as Alfresco, Nuxeo, UiPAth, BluePrism, IBM, Box, Infor, Nintex, K2, and more…
The most common use cases for the Ephesoft platform include: contract management, claims management, registration of new customers, automation of financial processes (invoices, purchase orders, delivery notes, etc.), processing of patient files, etc.

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