A suite of solutions for online success!

Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana… with the Elastic suite, your data can be visualized and analyzed securely in real time. Regardless of the format, Elastic technology helps you to build an Open Source ecosystem that enables you to exploit your data!

Smile & Elastic, the winning team!

With 500,000 downloads per month and a 4 fold increase in growth over the last 6 months, Elastic technology is skyrocketing, offering services with high value add to the whole Open Source community. On the menu of the Suite are several products which facilitate online success: 
•    Elasticsearch: a distributed search engine that integrates a NoSQL database, as well as RESTful, based on the Apache Lucene engine.
•    Logstash: a tool that collects, analyzes and stores logs
•    Kibana: a web interface enabling users to search information stored by Logtash in Elasticsearch

Based on Apache Lucene and fully integrated into the Big Data / Hadoop ecosystem, Elastic has become one of Smile’s principal areas of expertise. Be it for stand-alone projects around pure research/ indexation, or be it for e-commerce, Smile manages all of the building blocks of the project with Elastic from analysis, design, implementation and maintenance.

The icing on the cake, Smile has also created the Magento Elastic Suite , a suite of Magento modules based on Elastic with numerous functionalities to boost you e-commerce performance!


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An innovative technology based on Apache Lucene and integrated into the Big Data / Hadoop ecosystem, with Elastic, you will gain power and flexibility! 

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