Smile, as a Bonita's official partner, can sell the solution and implement it into its projects.
Thanks to its consultants and certified experts on the solution, Smile can support its clients in theprocess of analyzing their specific business flows and to build a customized EDM and/or BPM deployment plan.
As part of this partnership, if required, BonitaSoft experts may involve at any stage of a project, to ensure compliance with good practices and state of the art implementation of the solution.


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The Bonita software project was co-founded back in 2001 by Miguel Valdés Faura, IT engineer at INRIA (National Institute for Research in Computing and Automation, France). Bonitasoft, open source software publisher is launched in June 2009 to support Bonita BPM solution.
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A comprehensive BPM tool

Bonita is made of 3 different items: Bonita Studio, Bonita Portal and Bonita Engine.
Bonita Studio allows to design and model processes as per the BPMN2 standard. It is also possible to design forms through a page/form creation tool and to connect them to the information system. This interface comes with an embedded test environment.
Bonita is based on Java technology. A set of connectors is available, on a standard basis, to interconnect the application with email systems, CMS, ERP, databases, web services, etc. A simple 
configuration allows to connect the solution to external systems. Connectors not natively included in the solution can be added with a wizard that will help users in creating new connections.
As for external systems, they can connect with Bonita via REST or JAVA APIs. Many implementations are possible (starting a process, accessing a form linked to a task, displaying information about a
process or a user, etc.).
The solution can be implemented with the 3 elements (Studio, Portal and Engine), only with the process runtime engine or with a mixed solution.
Synchronization with LDAP tools (openLDAP, Microsoft Active Directory, etc.) as well as with a SSO
(Single Sign On) is possible.
The solution can therefore be fully integrated to the existing information system and is able to perfectly organize the workflows through the information system architecture.

BonitaSoft offers a comprehensive open source solution that address the full life cycle of business processes, from modeling as per the BPMN 2.0 standard to implementation of specific applications
for each process, with a view to optimize business process management.
You will be able to easily create efficient business applications without the drawbacks of long and unpredictable development cycles. With Bonita 7, developers can build evolutive business
applications that can be adapted in real time to process changes, interfaces updates, and to their underlying data models.
BONITA is the sole Open Source solution in the Gartner IBPMS Magic Quadrant.

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