AWS IoT Core

Amazon Web Services is a Cloud platform that offers a large number of ingestion, storage, management, presentation, data and smart objects handling services.

This platform belongs to the family of major commercial platforms; Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, IBM Watson, etc

Smile & AWS IoT Core

Smile is “AWS IoT Core Service Partner”

Smile is an AWS IoT Core privileged partner.  Our teams configure and develop data aggregation and communicating objects management platforms via the basic AWS IoT Core brick and other associated AWS bricks.

In a communicating system, the life signal is maintained thanks to this IoT Core brick via messaging (MQTT, HTTP, WebService, etc.) and asynchronous management of the status of objects.  The buried communicating object manages its wake up phases, its status, its actions, according to its energy potential.

The company’s transformation to digital is a relatively long process, requiring maturity, and our smilers know how to put together a multi-disciplinary team to accompany our customers towards this digital transformation. Smile is the “One-Stop-Shop” of the IoT.

Our customers, such as Minerva/Sectronic, the Dubreuil group, and energy manufacturers place their trust in us to accompany them towards this digital transformation, in terms of expertise, configuration, transformation strategy, etc.

Finally, we are able to accompany you via other platform suppliers or IoT Open Source platforms with hosting that is chosen by the customer.


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Amazon launches its AWS platform officially in 2006 The user is invoiced for use.

AWS acquired FreeRTOS and offers a compatible SDK enabling edge computing.
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