The genesis of the project


As part of its reflections for the definition of the future cockpits of its different brands, Stellantis group wished to prototype several dashboard concepts with various screen
configurations, touch surfaces and other physical buttons as well as the associated HMIs and new uses.

This iterative work, in a constrained schedule, called upon many different skills, both internal and external, to respond to the ideas and concepts of the designers and ergonomists of each brand.

Smile was asked to develop the software that would make all the screens functional, lively and attractive, with user interactions. Smile also took care of integrating these software
programs into real rolling prototypes, allowing for full-scale testing with a large panel of testers.


Smile's expertise at the service of this exciting project!


Smile set up a dedicated Stellantis platform, bringing together the key skills needed for the project to run efficiently (business and technical skills): technical experts, several
development, test and integration engineers and project manager, all contributed to the success of the program.

The main technologies implemented are C++, QT, QML, systemd and wayland but also the integration of connected services such as audio streaming with Spotify, voice control with Alexa, mapping and GPS navigation with OpenStreetMap or smartphone replication with AndroidAuto.

Several versions of cockpits meeting Stellantis' technical specifications have already been delivered and will be continuously enhanced with new features.


In a few words


"As the department manager, I really appreciated the deliveries provided by Smile. The Smile teams involved in the project were able to meet Stellantis' needs in a context that was not always easy (planning, input data, etc.). We were able to fully rely on Smile's skills. The quality is there, and we were able to present our projects and carry out our tests practically without any problem. The results are there, and we strongly hope to continue our collaboration for 2023."

Jacques Klein, Head of TECH/ARAE/TOIP/DMAD/EESW at Stellantis