The new e-commerce website by Smile


Manutan Collectivités is a multi-specialist in public facilities, selecting, distributing and installing public facilities and furniture for offices, schools etc.

It orients its offering to the world of education, associations, local authorities and administrations.

Smile integrated Magento Entreprise on behalf of Manutan Collectivités. This open source tool provides a native response to the needs of online stores: product catalogue, multi stores, promotion, shopping baskets, customer accounts etc.

New version, new features

As an overhaul of the previous website, this new version provides Manutan Collectivités and its customers with new features, aiming to facilitate browsing, choosing and purchasing. Members and non-members alike can browse the website and view the catalogue. Members can browse products and place them in their basket from the home page.

The system sends the estimate data to Manutan Collectivités’ internal ERP via web services, which members then confirm on the website or by telephone.

Star products

Smile has also developed the notion of star products. This feature promotes products selected by contributors on the home page. 10 to 20 selected products can also be highlighted in various product categories and these promotions can be planned ahead of time. Rules can also be set to generate the automatic selection of these products.

Web TV

Smile has also integrated a web TV, featuring product videos and a news module, accessible from the left column on each page.



Integration into the Internal ERP

The website is hooked up to Manutan Collectivités’ Internal ERP via various SOAP web services to exchange data regarding:

  • Customers: the ERP identifies them,
  • Orders: sent to the ERP.

Smile has also included the ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) Kettle, which integrates new products. The ETL takes files supplied by the ERP, processes them, updating its own product database and sends simplified files to the e-commerce website to update its product database. Contributors then fill in the product information sheets in Magento.

The search engine

The Lucene Solr search engine has been integrated into this website.
One of its major features is its capacity to index content by either field or attribute.

 On Manutan Collectivités, it enables a detailed search by product category and within media content.

The search engine is also hooked up to the Manutan Collectivités news and guides and displays its search results. Lucene provides powerful performance and excellent search quality.

The multi-website feature

Manutan Collectivités also has the multi-websites feature, available with Magento, to create online stores specific to its various brands.

The various applications are available via the same back office. There used to be two websites which now redirect to Manutan Collectivités:

Manutan Collectivités can also create new stores in 10 days. These stores are reserved for long-term partner customers in the public sector; personalised e-commerce.

Smile is now working on website developments, with operating and hosting staff  ensuring the platform’s stability.