Business Case Lindt

Fly Around the world in 20 websites

In 2014, the renowned chocolate company Lindt was seeking string experts able to support them in the re-design of their main website and its various sub-websites in 20 countries. Smile met their requirements and began this international journey: inventiveness, flexibility and especially belief!

Smilers become globe trotting Open Source integrators

Europe, North America, Asia, etc. To meet the project's marketing and business requirements, Lindt needed flexibility and good organization. They must adapt to customers needs around the world, as well as respecting the budget and meeting the deadlines.

The idea was to develop a master platform, a « base ». It became the ideal solution to support the different websites and developments in all the countries. It is robust, reliable and customizable.

Technologies selected
CMS Typo 3
for contents presentation
for websites with e-commerce contents

A flexible solution and collaborative approach

Overarching stances

Choice of suitable technologies to produce both showrooms and e-trading websites

Integrate an Open Source solution that is as upgradeable as possible

Develop an organisation and work method to centralise

Tailor made variations

Meet the consumer countries and integrate their needs (means of payment, ERP, logistics, marketing tools)

Optimised design and user experience for all

Plan the addition of plug-ins, positive experience facilitators such as « store locators »

Organisation based on listening
  • Centralized management with single point of contact that enables Lindt International Digital Marketing to efficiently supervise the development of websites
  • A local relationship with business trips around the world to meet country representatives, to design each version
  • A dedicated team for the project, ” single point of contact ” :
    • Design
    • Development
    • Hosting
    • Corrective, preventative and upgrading maintenance
    • Operational support
    • E-business support

Focus: the efficient ”Roll out” mechanism

To ensure smooth and flexible deployment, Smile visits each country and carries out « Gap Analysis » (costing and planning based on the Master platform).


The specific needs of countries are taken into account very simply. Each month, customized versions of the master platform and developments requested for websites are delivered to deadline!

country websites deployed around the world
e-commerce websites and others to come!
single centralised platform, hosted and managed by Smile
international contact and 1 local contact
account manager
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