Business Case EDF

Open Source expertise is popular at EDF!

Open Source solutions are increasingly successful at EDF. Since 2016, Smile has the honor to be the expert advisor in the SPENCER - ESA department.

On the programme for this project: centralization of Open Source expertise, enabling better management of processes and ongoing improvement of solutions while rationalizing costs.


EDF’s SPENCER – ESA department centralizes and responds to all of the groups IT needs, whether for corrective demands or developments.

3 multi-expertise Smilers, a rare advantage

The SPENCER-ESA department offers all his entities a catalogue of referenced solutions (propriety and Open Source software). This inventory will change over time and with new solutions available on the market.

The 3 Smilers therefore work on many other subjects apart from Open Source: languages, systems, web administration, protocols, development, etc. The EDF and Smile collaboration is certainly the one that requires the most technological skill.




More than 60 tickets are managed each month for a wide variety of diverse technologies

An openness and sharing strategy

With the integration of new Open Source softwares, EDF has a really forwards looking policy, diversifying the solutions in the catalogue.

The Smilers are a creative force for Open Source technologies and also are constantly on the lookout for new products on the market and upgrades of new versions.

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