An ambitious project to bring together layers, domains and Cloud Computing professions!

For 3 years, 72 men, 3 laboratories, 5 companies and 2 associations will dedicate their daily lives to the superb investment project of the future OCCIware!

A desire for more freedom!

OCCIware focuses on a formal context, tooled and standardised for cloud resource management so as to decompartmentalise the layers, professions and areas of Cloud Computing: Data Center, Deployment, Big Data, Linked Data...

How to get there? By providing to the standard Open Cloud Computing Interface (OCCI):

  • A foundation of formal methods

  • Tools Eclipse

  • A Models@Runtime runtime platform

  • A demonstrator for each of the areas Data Center, Deployment, Big Data, Linked Data

A dream team!

At the wheel of the project, we will find Smile and Inria. And , there are no less than 3 laboratories (Telecom SudParis, Université Joseph Fourrier and Inria), 5 companies (Obeo, ActiveEon, Scalair, Linagora and Smile) and 2 associations (Pôle Numérique, OW2) who are going to work relentlessly to finalise OCCIware in only 3 years (release expected in 2018).