Let’s set new limits for virtualisation
Migration towards the Juno version, deployment of Ceph and Neutron solutions... The latest update of the Smile cloud infrastructure takes flight!

Smile, permanent optimisation of their solutions!
To improve their cloud infrastructure based on OpenStack, this was the objective of Smile Innovation. With the deployment of Ceph and Neutron solutions, our cloud now makes it possible to virtualise storage and the network. The result? Private cloud capacities are extending for our clients.

What more? The migration to the Juno version by OpenStack brings bug fixes and different improvements which will be greatly welcomed!

  • Dataprocessing with Sahara
  • Possibility of solutions “as a Service”, like Hadoop or Spark or even the messaging service SaaS.

What will this update improve in your daily lives?
With SmileCloudNG, your field of possibilities will grow. You will be able to:

  • Perform live migrations of servors (in case of failure or computing or storage capacity request).
  • Benefit from greater extensibility in terms of storage and, in particular, of a distributed storage capacity, very useful for media distribution.
  • Ensure the relevance of data by the infrastructure and not by the software, with the capacity for self healing of the storage.
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