For those who need to store enormous catalogues or data, Smile is innovating! What would you say to a solution which would enable you to build an ultra fast technical environment, whatever the volume of the data base? Millions of products...comfortably  The velocity challenges of CMS and catalogue storage led Smile to focus on the creation of a new solution. The objective? Increase your data base performances, reduce the size and use to process more orders and make maintenance easier. A swift database but that’s not all... Thanks to the integration of Magento and MongoDB (base NoSQL), Mongogento has a series of very appetising innovations in store. On the menu:

  • Fast operations on diverse catalogues of several million products. The impact of the FAV model of Magento is also reduced.
  • A storage of product attributes and a reduction in the solicitation of the database MySQL thanks to MongoDB. Rest assured, the flexibility of the document model is preserved!
  • Exceptional front office performances even with the biggest catalogues by combining several technologies: motor SolR and static cache system MageCache.
  • Improved productivity with a very reactive back office for impeccable development of your e-commerce site.

The result? Mongogento makes it possible for you to access unrivalled performances!

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