International Women’s Rights Day 2023: discover the portrait of Zaineb Boudhrioua, Alternate Cloud DevOps - Cloud Management at Alter Way. Passionate since her childhood, digital is a family story.


Zaineb Boudhrioua

What is your position? 
As part of my studies, I joined Alter Way in January as an Alternate Cloud DevOps with the Cloud Management team.

What is your background? 
I am a master's student in infrastructure and cloud at the Paris Ynov Campus school. This is a specialized training in cloud computing technologies and DevOps (docker, Kubernetes, Jenkins, Terraform and Azure, and AWS public clouds).

What is your vision of the place of women in digital technology?
Indeed, the percentage of men in our sector is very high compared to women. I think it has to do with culture. The trades that make girls and boys dream are still well distributed by gender. But, today, we have the cards in hand so it’s up to us to change the codes!

What advice would you give a woman who wants to work in this sector? 
Some advice I would give to a woman who wants to work in the digital sector:
-develop technical skills: it is important for women to be trained in relevant technical skills in the field of programming, and computer security. There are many online resources and training programs that can help develop these skills;

-getting involved in women’s digital communities: there are many online communities that can offer networking and professional development opportunities;

-seek opportunities for diversity and inclusion: more and more companies are recognizing the importance of diversity and inclusion in the digital sector.


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