Smile Group supports two fencers in their preparation for the 2024 Paralympic Games


Smile Group is committed to raising public and employee awareness of the importance of inclusive sport and promoting the values of respect, diversity and fairness. 

We have become sponsors of two disabled fencing athletes: Ludovic Lemoine and Brianna Vidé. As a sponsor, Smile Group is committed to providing financial support to the athletes, accompanying their physical preparation and participation in the various sporting events preliminary to selection for the 2024 Paralympic Games. 
Indeed, sport represents values that are dear to the Group, such as determination, loyalty and humility. Ludovic and Brianna symbolize these values with ease.

These two athletes, with their varied backgrounds, unique personalities, commitment and passion for sport, will embody the values of Olympism and Paralympism within our CSR program. Their presence testifies to Smile Group's unwavering commitment not only to their employees, but to society as a whole.

Brianna et Ludovic

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